Chile 1973: Reform or Revolution?

September 11 marks the 50th anniversary of the U.S.-backed coup against elected socialist President Salvador Allende in Chile. Watch our documentary to uncover the factors that led to this pivotal moment in shaping Latin America’s history. Was Allende a revolutionary, or merely a reformist trying to change a reactionary system through reforms? The country’s “Peaceful Road to Socialism” was ultimately crushed by the very state institutions and military that Chileans were told to trust. The aftermath led to more than 40,000 individuals being jailed and tortured, including 3,200 who were killed or disappeared. The junta executed and tortured Allende supporters in football stadiums and forced many into exile, initiating a 17-year fascist dictatorship. red. Media explores how Allende’s Popular Unity Coalition ignored the warning signs of the impending coup, as well as the growing calls from its supporters to go on the offensive against the right-wing counter-revolution. This oversight led to a missed opportunity to arm the working class against the reactionary bourgeoisie.