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March 25, 2024
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It’s been just over a year since red. launched. Since then we’ve rapidly grown a community of almost half a million followers online. With our expanding community, we also get a lot of questions from our followers so we have curated some of those questions that appear most frequently in the comments on our social media platforms, and answer them for you here. This is not a final FAQs – the more additional questions are asked, we will also answer them here in the future.

We hope this gives you a better feel for who we are, where we want to go and that it will give you the confidence to come with us!

How is red. financed?

We rely upon a diversified financial model that enables our work to remain free from corporate interests or political agendas. Currently our financing is based on three pillars: Private donations from organizations and individuals, contributions from our audience and social media advertising revenue. While we aim to increase the revenues coming in from these sources, in the mid-term we also aim to add a fourth pillar and generate income through merchandise and a more extended documentary sales.

You can read more about our funding here and send us money here

Support red. media

Independent journalism depends on your support. If you appreciate our work, consider supporting us. Even a small donation can help us continue our work.

For offline donations, such as bank transfers or cheques, please contact info[at]thered[.]stream for further information.

Is red. a continuation of the now defunct redfish?

No, they are two different companies. red. is an independent company financed from various sources as explained above.

red. media’s founder, Hüseyin Dogru, and a few other team members who previously worked with redfish, as well as countless freelancers around the world, have joined red. to support its mission of using digital media to highlight critical social and political issues and tell stories that focus on our collective rights.

How can I contribute to red.?

We partially rely on contributions from our audience and people who like what we do. If you are passionate about writing articles, producing documentaries or social media content, get in touch with us via email: info [at] thered [dot] stream.

Can I use red. media content

Our content is designed to contribute to everyone’s revolutionary education, so yes, we encourage you to share our content far and wide. We ask that you do this by respecting the hard work and resources that we put into creating everything that we publish, and remember that we depend on donations to continue. So when you share our work, please credit us clearly so that those who want to support us, know where to find us. We are also open for collaborations on social media.

For documentary screenings please contact info [at] thered[dot]stream.

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